about us

one vote, one purchase, one person. It's easy to feel these can't make a difference in the big scheme of things. Well look around, we ARE making a difference. people are standing up against corruption and the world is changing. you can be apart. here's the deal, fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world. there are major problems with pollution and workers' rights, and these problems need our attention to change.

choosing ethical and environmentally-responsible brands makes an impact in sustaining the earth and keeping working conditions safe and acceptable around the world. the mission of World Changer Co. is to introduce you to great shopping options that include clothing brands, coffee, chocolate, cosmetics, and more. it's a place for you to learn about our favorite brands to support and our favorite items to shop. visit often, contact us, and follow World Changer on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook below.

what is the directory?

other than shopping directly, I've spent years researching and curating the World Changer Co Directory. Hundreds of ethical brands are organized to make conscious shopping easier for you.

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